Breathing minds
Breath work and stretching retreat

A 2.5 hour workshop of body breath connection. Your body will benefit from the movement of Pilates with a range of stretching exercises.

You will then be introduced to Cacao which is known as a heart-opening drink which is perfect preparation for breath work.
Following this it's conscious connected breath work which is a strong practice with the aim letting go and allowing our breath to take us on a journey.

Restore and renew
Yoga and mindfulness retreat

A 2.5 hour workshop of mind and body connection.

Calm the mind through guided mindfulness meditation before taking part in a tea ceremony with healthy naked deli treats.

Then find your mind and body connection through a guided yoga practice.

SurfSet retreat
SoulNorth has teamed up with Surf Northumberland.

Stretch class, meditation and a surfing lesson before unwinding to the setting sun along the idyllic Bamburgh coastline.

Join the adventure and find your SoulNorth.

£49.00 (including all equipment)
We offer newly furnished, light, stylish accommodation with fantastic views across the local countryside.
For more information or to book a room please click on the link below to