Join us at Dene House farm and enjoy one of our day retreats. 

Our tailor made programmes are designed to leave you feeling positive and healthy. 

Helping you build a Resilient body and mind.
Resilient body. Resilient Mind.
Pilates & Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

At Dene House Farm our core philosophy is to promote Resilient Bodies and Resilient Minds.

Explore how to stretch and strengthen the body and calm the mind with an afternoon of outdoor Pilates and Mindfulness Meditation.

£49 per person.

Dates: Full range of dates and private group bookings available
Pilates and a picnic

Dene House Farm has teamed up with The Running Fox Cakery Bakery to bring you Pilates and a Picnic!

Work your core, stretch your muscles and focus on the breath; before unwinding in the Great Outdoors with a Delicious Foxy Treat.

£49 per person including individually bagged picnic, bring your own flask!

Dates: Range of dates and Private group bookings available
Mindfully doodling

By fully engaging in intense physical activity or intense concentration we can achieve flow state
where we may experience a sense of complete and exclusive focus, forgetting or releasing unwanted feelings and thoughts and a sense of inner satisfaction. 

In this workshop we use the medium of art coupled with mindful meditation to aim for a sense of flow state.

Our Outdoor Mindfully Doodling Workshop incorporates mindfulness meditation, guided painting and an introduction to journaling.

Cost £49 per person.

Dates: Range of dates and private group bookings available
Growing Minds - mindfully doodling & meditation for kids

A range of interactive sessions and meditations, introducing children and parents to mindfulness strategies. 

This workshop includes Finding flow state through art, exploring thoughts and feelings as well as mindful movement. Led by a qualified primary teacher and mindfulness practitioner, this workshop is tailor made to prepare children with the tools they need to link mindfulness to school life.

Cost £49.00 per person (all children must have a parent or carer taking part in the workshop with them). 

Dates: Full range of dates and private sessions available
We offer newly furnished, light, stylish accommodation with fantastic views across the local countryside.
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