Join us at Dene House farm and enjoy one of our day retreats. 

Our tailor made programmes are designed to leave you feeling positive and healthy. 

Helping you build a Resilient body and mind.
Resilient bodies pilates retreat

An afternoon workshop incorporating Mat Pilates, Reformer, Trapeze Table session and a Core Engagement Scan. 

Arrival 12:30am and depart at 4:30pm. £49 per person.

Dates: Sunday 14th April / Sunday 12th July
Resilient minds retreat

An afternoon workshop incorporating guided mindfulness meditation, mindful movement, and outdoor meditations.

Gain a deeper insight into the practice of mindfulness meditation and take steps to enhance your own daily practice. 

Arrival at 12:30 and depart at 4:30pm. £49 per person.

Dates: Saturday 8th August / Sunday 30th August
Balancing the mind and body

An afternoon workshop incorporating kinesiology, mindfulness meditation and Mat Pilates to restore and balance the body from top to toe! 

Arrival at 12:30pm and depart at 5:00pm. £59 per person.

Dates: Sunday 31st May / Sunday 28th June
Finding flow state

By fully engaging in intense physical activity or intense concentration we can achieve flow state
where we may experience a sense of complete and exclusive focus, forgetting or releasing unwanted feelings and thoughts and a sense of inner satisfaction. 

In this workshop we use the medium of art coupled with mindful meditation to aim for a sense of flow state.

Arrival at 12:30pm and depart at 4:30pm. Cost £49 per person.

Dates: Sunday 29th March and Saturday 16th May
Mindful growing - child and parent workshop

A range of interactive sessions and meditations, introducing children and parents to mindfulness strategies. 

This workshop includes Finding flow state through art, exploring thoughts and feelings as well as mindful movement. Led by a qualified primary teacher and mindfulness practitioner, this workshop is tailor made to prepare children with the tools they need to link mindfulness to school life.

Cost £49.00 per person (all children must have a parent or carer taking part in the workshop with them).

Arrival at 12:30pm and depart at 4:30pm. 

Dates: Saturday 25th April ( Secondary aged children ) / Sunday 26th April (Primary aged children)
All retreats include coffee and cake provided by Running Fox.
We offer newly furnished, light, stylish accommodation with fantastic views across the local countryside.
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