The way we think impacts how we feel.

Focussing on the present moment and being aware of how we think is an effective way in building stronger mental health.

We can do this through mindfulness.
Mindfulness helps us challenge the way we process our thoughts.

It allows us to control how we deal with certain experiences.

And can be effective in helping us deal with stress, anxiety and depression.
At Dene House Farm we offer a range of mediations and mindfulness practices.

Through guided meditation classes, we'll help you adopt techniques to use in your everyday life.

So you can build a resilient mind.
£10.00 Mindfulness class
£10.00 Mindful movement class
£35.00 for 1-2-1 Mindfulness sessions
Our Therapists
We have an additional team of therapists:
Counselling with Kate (£40.00 per session)
Acupuncture and Reikki are also available (contact us for details)
Contact us for further enquiries or to book a session and we can direct you to the correct service.