Dene House Farm and The Gym & Studio at Dene House Farm Privacy Policy

Dene House Farm and The Gym & Studio at Dene House Farm Privacy Policy has been produced to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA), GDPR and associated legislation, and it incorporates guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).The DPA gives individuals rights over their personal data and protects individuals from the erroneous use of their personal data.Dene House Farm and The Gym & Studio at Dene House Farm is registered with the ICO as a Data Controller for the processing of living individuals’ personal information. 

What information is recorded about me?
We use information about Gym members and individuals attending classes and accommodation visitors to enable us to provide you with a service. We keep records about users. These may be written down (Manual paper records) or stored if you have contacted via the website, Instagram, Whats app, text message, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Linkedin email, Paypal, post, any other means of contact or phone. 
On becoming a user of The Gym, attending classes /workshops in the studio/outdoor areas at Dene house Farm, or booking into our accommodation the following data will be collected from you: Name, date of birth, Address, full range of contact details, emergency contact details, health and lifestyle information, and medical information.

Contacting us 
If you email us or contact us via Whats app, text, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Linkedin, Twitter, online booking enquiry,,  we may keep a record of your contact, your contact address and the content of the email for our record keeping.

Use of our Website
Please see Website Privacy Policy for full information on cookies, usage data and email address.

Why do we collect this information?
Information that you provide to us will be kept securely and will only be used for the purposes stated when the information is collected. For example; To progress the service you requested. To allow us to be able to communicate and provide appropriate to your needs. To ensure that we meet our legal requirements or contractual obligations. To process financial transactions.

It is important that your records are accurate and up-to-date as they will help make sure that our staff are able to provide you with the help, advice or support you need. If you do not provide us with this information then we will not be able to communicate accurately and effectively with you, for example if a booking is cancelled or changed.

Who will we share this information with?
Occasions when your information needs to be disclosed include:Where the health and safety of yourself or others is at risk.When the law requires us to pass on information under special circumstances or safeguarding.

How will your data be disposed of?
Personal data in paper format will be shredded and disposed of through a licensed contractor. The company used conforms to DPA and GDPR requirements. Your data will not be stored for any longer than necessary.

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