Pilates & Barre

Pilates & Barre Classes 

Our studio classes are ran by Cate. Please see descriptions below or call Cate on 07975687746 or email [email protected] for more information or to book a place.


Mat Pilates: £5 (1 hour)
Reformer Pilates : £8 (1 hour)
Parent’s Reformer Class: £6 (45mins)
Barre & Pilates: £5 (1 hour)
Kid’s Class (Under 16’s): £5 per child for 1st and 2nd siblings, additional siblings are free, parents are welcome to join in for free too (45 mins)

Class Loyalty Scheme: If you can make it to 3 classes a week you get £5 off your 3rd class, so if it’s a Mat Pilates or Barre & Pilates class it’s FREE! If it’s a reformer class it’s £3 or if it’s the 45min parent’s class it’s £1.

9.15am     Mat Pilates – All Levels
10.15am   Reformer 
3.00pm     Reformer 
5.15pm     Kid’s Class
6.00pm     Mat Pilates – All Levels
7.00pm     Reformer 

9.15am     Reformer 
10.15am   Reformer
7.15pm     Reformer 

8.15am     Reformer 
9.15am     Reformer 
10.15am   Barre & Pilates – All Levels
5.00pm     Reformer (No class 24th January)
6.00pm     Barre & Pilates – All Levels (No class 24th January)
7.00pm     Reformer (No class 24th January)

Thursdays (No classes 25th January)
9.15am     Reformer 
10.15am   Barre & Pilates – All Levels 
6.00pm     Reformer 
7.00pm     Reformer 

8.15am     Reformer 
9.15am     Reformer 
10.15am   Mat Pilates – Levels 3-5 (Improvers-Advanced)
11.15am   Mat Pilates – Levels 1-3 (Beginners-Improvers)
2.00pm     Parent’s Reformer Class (Parent’s or guardians are welcome to bring their children along to this class to play while they exercise) 

Class Descriptions 

Mat Pilates:
Levels 1&2: The easiest levels of exercises, gentle and suitable for beginners, focus is on correct posture and basic technique.
Level 3: Suitable for those who have grasped the basics of Pilates and would like to improve their posture, strength, mobility and tone.
Level 4: More difficult exercises for those who have mastered a good Pilates technique, not suitable for those with medical conditions or current injuries.
Level 5: Strenuous exercises for the elite athlete.

Reformer: exercises on the reformer machine, using resistance springs, ropes and and pulleys to aid correct technique of the exercises, and ensure an overall workout. Cardio-Tramp allows a cardio workout during the reformer session if desired. We currently have 4 reformers so contact Cate on 07975687746 or [email protected] to book a space.

Barre & Pilates: A mix of traditional ballet barre exercises and pilates exercises using the ballet barre to increase flexibility, strength, tone and improve posture. Beginners welcome. No experience necessary.

Kid’s Class: A 45 minute Pilates class for under 16’s focusing on posture through movement. Although the focus of this class is on the children and their exercises, parents are more than welcome to join in for free.


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